• Fog Cloud
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 36 x 30 inches
    • SOLD
    • Keeping you Close 13
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 40 x 40 inches
    • Dancing Sky 2
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 48 x 40 inches
    • August in January
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 40 x 40 inches
    • SOLD
    • Brume boréale
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 40 x 40 inches
    • SOLD
    • Close to sleep
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 40 x 40 inches
    • SOLD
    • Keeping you close 6
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 60 x 60 inches
    • Murmure
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 40 x 48 inches
    • Night swim #7
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 24 x 24 inches
    • Seafaring song
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 36 x 60 inches
    • SOLD
    • Throwing Words 3
    • Acrylic on Canvas
    • 18 x 18 inches
    • SOLD

Artist Statement

Karine Léger’s approach first involves the need to deconstruct in order to lay the foundations for an introspective reconstruction. From paper or digital cut-outs, her compositions are born out of a collaging process. Colours, textures and shapes are meticulously selected to be arranged and rearranged, assembled and reassembled, in a quest for the right balance. Similar but independent forms come together, at times nearly touching, other times precariously balancing on one another and, on occasion, merging.

This slow, deliberate, creative process is how Karine Léger builds the foundation of her next work. Nothing is rushed, nothing is forced. She stops only when that precious balance has been achieved. Although the composition is set, she reserves the right to stray from the concept in deference to the canvas.

Deeply connected to her personal life, superimposed layers of images and transparent acrylics has its own story to tell. The shapes seem anthropomorphic at times, reflecting that constant desire for balance. But they only reveal just enough, allowing plenty of room for the viewers to find their own interpretation or story.

Artist Bio

Born in Montreal, Quebec, 1977. A graphic artist by profession, Canadian Karine Léger began to explore her interest in painting in the early 2000’s. Over the ensuing years, her artistic vision evolved through photography, collage and painting.

At first, Léger was drawn to portraiture. Then in 2006 and 2007 she traveled to Northern Quebec and Iceland where the landscape completely changed her artistic vision, and she developed a love for vast spaces and the calm of winter. Since then, Karine Léger has been developing a unique style through her abstract paintings.

Selected Exhibitions


2018 Recent work, Lanoue Gallery – Boston, MA (USA)

2016 À ta rencontre, Midtown Sanctuary – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2016 Where we met, Exhibit by Aberson – Tulsa, OK (USA)

2010 Sans visage, Narcisse Bistro – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2009 Forêt (photographies), StudioBizz – Montréal, Qc (Canada)


2018 Wonderland, Space Gallery – Denver, CO (USA)

2018 Initial Sighting, The &Gallery – Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)

2017 Solo à Quatre – with Isabelle Tremblay, Melsa Montagne et Raluca Pilat – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2017 Karine Léger & Jeremy Holmes, Lanoue Gallery – Boston, MA (USA)

2017 Modern Primitive, Exhibit by Aberson, Tulsa, OK (USA)

2016 Karine Léger & Jaeok Lee, Lanoue Gallery – Boston, MA (USA)

2016 Simon Breitbard Fine Arts Trunk Show – San Francisco, CA (USA)

2016 Salon du printemps des artistes des Cantons-de-l’Est, Édition 2016, Musée des beaux-Arts de Sherbrooke, Qc (Canada)

2015 Bleu, Maison des arts et de la culture de Brompton – Sherbrooke, Qc (Canada)

2015 Intervalle – with Patricia Barrowman, Galerie MX – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2014 Winter Group Show, Lanoue Gallery – Boston, MA (US)

2014 Traits abstraits, Galerie MX – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2014 Karine Léger & Joanna Chelkowska, Galerie D – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2013 Déconstruction, Galerie D – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2013 Musée des beaux-arts de Sherbrooke (boutique) – Sherbrooke, Qc (Canada)

2012 Galerie Suite 60 – Trois-Rivières, Qc (Canada)

2012 Pi2, Galerie MX – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2012 Le nord, le sud – with Daniel Lalonde, Galerie Espace – Montréal, Qc (Canada)

2011 Gesamt Galerie, Rotterdam, Netherlands


2018 Artscope Magazine – Layers of Beauty

2017 « The Cold and the Rust: Poems » poetry book by Emily Kley, USA – book cover

2016 Exhibit by Aberson – Where We Met

2015 Mixte Magazine – article

2013 Museum of Fine Arts of Sherbrooke – annual auction catalog

2012 Nous sommes les filles

2011 « Onun Çölünde » poetry book by Bejan Matur, Istanbul – book cover

2011 « Fake Book » poetry book by Tony Leuzzi, New York – book cover

2010 Décover Magazine – artist’s portfolio

2010 Slice Magazine No7, Brooklyn – article illustration