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Past Exhibition


Exhibition runs July 10th 2014 - August 9th 2014

Artists: Marks Aardsma | Carlene Frances | Gayla Lemke | Pat Orban | Sue Gibbons | Bob Maes | Robin Ross |

Poets: Kristin Aardsma | Lynne Brescia | Jim Cohn | M.D. Friedman | Wayne Gilbert | Meghan Howes | Lauren Sabel |

    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
    • Fusion 5 Exhibition
Press Release
  • Exhibition: FUSION 5
  • Showing: July 10th 2014 - August 9th 2014
  • Opening Reception: Thursday, July 10, 6-9pm

First Friday Opening: August 1, 6-9pm

Fusion V explores the dynamic, connective tissue that bridges artistic mediums and highlights the collaborative synergies which occur when one medium (painting) draws inspiration from another (poetry) and vice versa.

Each painter is paired with a writer and the two respond to the others work, The poet/painter pairs collaborate with three pieces each and the poems will be mounted on the wall next to their painting. In addition there’s a central poem to which the 6 artists paint and a central painting to which the 6 poets write. An additional seventh artwork/poem is a sculptural piece by Gayla Lemke which includes her haiku poetry written within the surface of the work.

During the opening reception each poet reads aloud poems from their painter collaboration plus their poem written to the main painting. Wayne Gilbert will read his central poem, which has 6 individual interpretations from the painters. At 7:00 chairs will be available for the public during the 45 minute poetry reading.

The painter/poet pairs are as follows:
Carlene Frances is paired with Lauren Sabel
Robin Ross is paired with Lynne Brescia
Pat Orban is paired with M.D. Friedman
Bob Maes is paired with Jim Cohn
Sue Gibbons is paired with Wayne Gilbert
Jo Aardsma is paired with Kristin Aardsma