Past Exhibition


Exhibition runs May 4th 2018 - June 23rd 2018
Press Release
  • Showing: May 4th 2018 - June 23rd 2018
  • Opening Reception: ARTIST RECEPTION Friday May 4th 5-9pm

Space Gallery presents Process: The Artist’s Journey a group exhibition that focuses on the artistic process and journey each artist goes through in the completion of their work. Judy Campbell, David Marshall, Bill Snider and Nick Young each rely on their artistic intuitions to achieve a poetic end result.

Judy Campbell is a Denver based artist with a focus on texture, Campbell’s paintings feature a story of organic layers. “I randomly choose my paint colors and as I drip, splatter, rub and scratch the layers become more organic. Each painting becomes a journey using texture, color and composition. At the end of that journey, the painting comes to its own conclusion.”

David Marshall is a Scottish sculptor based primarily in Spain. Marshall intertwines wood and metal into linear poetry referencing the natural and industrial worlds. He is drawn to natural forms such as “geological formations, ice patterns, fossils and degradation; the random forms of nature where no lines are straight and where sensory information comes from imperfections.” The process of casting these forms is a continual exploration using modern technologies, metallurgy, laser cuttings and sourcing surprising materials from railroads and agricultural sites. At the end of which he creates a “distinctive and very personal three-dimensional language.”

With a background in film and sculpture, Bill Snider captures motion with his paintbrush using metallic paints and hardedge graphics. “For Snider, the process behind his work is just as significant as the final product itself. He applies paint in strokes, drips, and splatters. This paint is then partially sanded off, revealing subtle hue and value changes. The result is a dynamic, graphic, and visually stunning piece that shows the physicality of his methods and his painting process. With up to 20 layers of paint, Snider sands down his works to create paintings that uniquely reflect his artistic choices and discoveries.” Snider splits his time between his art studios in Boulder, CO and New Zealand.

Nick Young is a Canadian painter with a background in architecture which allows for a unique exploration of composition. Young believes every painting is a journey of lessons learned and desires freed. His abstract brushwork exudes movement as he adds layer upon layer to the canvas focusing on composition, texture and color. “Relying on intuition, rather than preconceived images, each painting is a result of layers upon layers of quick gestures.”

Highlights and 360 views from the exhibition will be available at