• Mountain Flowers
    • Corten Steel
    • $34000
    • Honeycomb Mini Monolith
    • Raw Steel
    • 15 x 15 x 48 inches
    • SOLD
    • Intersecting Mini Monolith
    • Steel and Light
    • 15 x 15 x 48 inches
    • $3200
  • Horse
    • Horse
    • Steel
    • 9'x11'x30"
    • $42000
    • Solid Arch #2
    • Laser Cut Steel
    • 36"x36"x18"
    • $6800
    • Broken Embrace (pair)
    • Steel
    • 80"x30"x60"
    • $9500
    • Orange Arch Number 1
    • Powder Coated Steel
    • 11'x5'x3'
    • $8000
    • Gleaming
    • Steel
    • 61''x61''x61''
    • $14000
    • Tension Bench
    • Raw Steel
    • 50"x12"x20"
    • $2000
    • Untitled Illuminated
    • Raw Steel
    • 90"x30"x10"
    • SOLD
    • Clinging Arch
    • Raw Steel
    • 40"x20"x20"
    • $5000
    • Stella's Arch Number II
    • Raw Steel
    • 40"x40"x20"
    • $5000
    • Stella's Tail
    • Raw Steel
    • 30"x20"x20"
    • $2000
    • Untitled
    • Raw Steel
    • 50"x60"x30"
    • $2000
    • Facet Panel One
    • Steel
    • 102''x57''x8''
    • $21000
    • Finned Gate
    • Cor-ten Steel
    • 60"x90"x90"
    • $30000
    • Honeycomb Monolith
    • Steel
    • 24"x24"x96"
    • $12500
    • Infinite Esses
    • Steel
    • 22'x9'x12'
    • $120000
    • Point Gate
    • Steel
    • 18' x19'x4'
    • $90000

Artist Statement

I work in a variety of materials, but predominantly in metal and most often steel. Over the course of my practice I have learned to pair my background as a metalsmith with my experience in architectural design and digital fabrication. This has led to an ongoing dialogue within my work between intuitive making and digital design. My goal is always to create experience through my work rather than tell stories. I hope that in viewing my work people will see something new to them and perhaps alter the way they look at the world around them, even if only a little. I like the idea that each viewer takes ownership of my work by way of having their own subjective experience, rather than insisting that there is a right way to think or feel about it. By experiencing pieces in this way, the viewer becomes a collaborator and can insert part of themselves into their experience and memory of the sculpture.

Artist Bio

Jodie Roth Cooper is an artist and designer who currently lives and works in Denver. His work is a culmination of his background in metal-smithing, sculpture, and architecture. There is an on going dialogue present in the work between digital and traditional fabrication. Pieces are often informed visually by his experience of designing through a digital platform, a way of working arrived at by nudging up against the limitations and inefficiency of more traditional methods.

Though the subject matter of the work is never defined, much of the work is inspired by the western landscape. The goal in the work is to create forms that elicit an emotive response or generate new experience, rather than conveying a specific narrative.

Selected Exhibitions


Cranbrook Academy of Art
Graduate School 2010 to 2013 

Skidmore College
College 1999 to 2004
Bachelor of Science in Studio Art (focus in metalsmithing and 3-D modeling)
Received Honors for Thesis Exhibition

Exhibitions and Public Installations

-April 2018 permanent installation of “Infinite Pattern S’s” at Northwest College, Powell, WY.

-February 2018 private commission, Boulder.

-December 2017 “Best of 2017” at Space Gallery, Denver.

-October 2017 private commission, Denver.

-September 2017 joint show with painter Alli Gerrish at the Jewish Community Center, Boulder. -August 2017 “Structural Integrity” at Space Gallery, Denver.

-May 2017 long term installation “Quarter Mile Arch” The Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities, Arvada.

-December 2016 “Best of 2016” at Space Gallery, Denver.

-November 2016 completed commission for Seed & Smith Dispensary, Denver. -October 2016 long term installation at Gozo Restaurant, Denver.

-September 2016 “Moving Forward” at The Arvada Center, Arvada.

-August 2016 completed commission for Halcyon Hotel, Cherry Creek.

-May 2016 “Modern Structure” at Space Gallery, Denver.

-February 2016 joint show at Visual Interest, Denver.

-February 2016 juried show, “Next Up” at Next Gallery, Denver.

-February 2016 juried show, On Edge at Edge Gallery, Denver.

-January 2016 juried show, “Art of the State” at The Arvada Center, Arvada.

-January 2016 juried show, “Ice Breaker” at Ice Cube Gallery, Denver.

-November 2015 juried show, “Best of Santa Fe” at Habitat Gallery, Denver.

-September 2015 juried show, “Digital Dimensions” at Niza Knoll gallery, Denver.

-August 2015 “Kinesis”, with Priscilla Fowler at Mai Wyn Fine Art, Denver

-February 2015 solo show at Fashion Design Center Denver.

-January 2015 preview art show Mai Wyn Fine Art, Denver.

-February 2014 completed series of 3 sculptural pieces for a residence in Bloomfield Hills, MI.

-April 2013 completed “Seed’er Box” a design-build project for my future dwelling and as my thesis project for the Cranbrook Academy of Art degree show.

-June 2012 completed a shade structure for a family in Michigan to accompany their tennis court. This was a design- build project, which was a joint effort between myself, and Fernando Bales, a colleague at Cranbrook Academy of Art.

-May 2012 completed installation of two sculptural design elements in a Bloomfield Hills, MI residence.

-In the summer of 2009 I exhibited ‘Horse’ at an annual juried sculpture exhibition at the Fells, Newbury, New Hampshire.

-In the summer of 2008 I exhibited ‘Leafman’ in Wilmington, Vermont as part of a fundraising exhibition and auction, for various local charities.