Mathias Leppitsch

    • Gratitude
    • Steel, Paint
    • 96 x 120 x 96 inches
    • $19500

Artist Statement

I practice painting, drawing and sculpture utilizing methods which are often experimental and which allow process to leave its mark, guiding a result or experience. My approach frequently uncovers previously overwritten emotions or memories and allows them to provide influence and be heard. Art-making is communicating without conventions; I try to celebrate it as an unfiltered channel of dialogue with the world, a sincere form of expression which anyone can engage. The explorations I am repeatedly drawn to deconstruct polarities and relationships, either implied or personal. I have been inspired to create by turbulence, grief, nature, love, laughter… and feel a work becomes real when its development veers away from my conscious attempts to control it and presents an unforeseen insight, amplified awareness, or feeling which is worth sharing.