Past Exhibition


Exhibition runs September 28th 2017 - November 4th 2017
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  • Showing: September 28th 2017 - November 4th 2017

Showing: September 28th – November 4th
Opening Reception: October 13th, 5-8pm

Featuring SPACE Gallery Artists:

About the Artists:
Patricia Aaron, an established Denver artist, has been featured in numerous museum, airport, university, and gallery exhibitions during the past 28 years. During the first half of 2017, Delta Airlines (Atlanta, GA), Sun City Corporation (Kobe, Japan) and Hogan Lovells (Denver, CO) acquired her work for their corporate collections. Also during 2017, Aaron completed private commissions for Liberty Global (Denver, CO), the Museum of Outdoor Arts (Englewood, CO), and a private residence in Chicago, IL. Aaron’s work is held in several permanent museum collections.

Born in Denver in 1959, Wenzel lived in Colorado, California and Alaska as a youth, then returned to California for his postgraduate education. At the University of California at Berkeley, he pursued sculpture and painting, studying and working as a teaching assistant with the renowned abstract expressionist sculptor, Peter Voulkos. He also studied drawing and painting with Elmer Bischoff and Joan Brown, both expressionist painters identified with the Bay Area figurative movement. In 19813, Wenzel earned a Master of Arts degree and two years later a Master of Fine Arts degree from UC Berkeley. He went on to teach pottery and ceramic sculpture at various arts institutions in the bay area. Upon returning to Denver in 1988, in addition to his work in clay, Wenzel began working in large-scale paintings using mixed materials on paper and wood. His work is exhibited and collected nationally.

“I live and work in the Colorado Rockies at 7500 feet elevation, about 15 miles from the highest peaks of Rocky Mountain National Park. At times, the natural beauty that surrounds me is almost overwhelming. I exist immersed in a flood of constantly changing atmosphere, color, shapes, scents, and sounds. My work is created against that rich backdrop, and every painting is drawn from it. The palettes and forces of my environment demand to play a role; I have no choice but to comply.”

“Two major artist residencies have had a significant influence on my work. In 2015, I was invited to spend three weeks at The Lake, the Morris Graves Foundation compound in Northern California. In January 2017, I spent a month at the Jentel Foundation near the Wyoming/Montana border. The intense connection with these two very different landscapes clearly appears in the work in this exhibit. Several paintings are in direct response to The Lake, others
are related to the winter landscape of Wyoming. Still other work here is a melding together of both of these influences.
I have been fortunate, after each of these residencies, to be offered additional time and space to work and develop ideas and images at Oakopolis Creativity Center in downtown Oakland, and at Eastman Lane Studios in Petaluma.”

Jean-Pierre Morin’s sculptures speak to us of the materials and their possibilities. They also tell us about nature, space and man’s relationship with these elements: flames, leaves, flashes of lightening, stars, arborescence. Jean-Pierre Morin’s sculptural work has always been inspired by the elements of nature. Furthermore, his art is impregnated with the natural character of the elements through their form, color and seismic energy. His approach is based on the formal, poetic study of a telluric dimension of nature’s manifestations and their ontological resonance.